Kahani was born in a quiet village close to a black-sand beach, far away from the noise of even then so crowded places. We had a lot of time to surf and find out what we want to do.⁠

After a while, we realized that it is quite a challenge to find great hair care for those who spend a lot of time in the ocean. The founder of Kahani tried lots of brands but was not happy. That was a lot of plastic bottles too.⁠

We had plenty of time back then and we decided to make the perfect shampoo and conditioner first for ourselves and then for other fellow surfers, divers and swimmers. Everybody, who loves the ocean, needs quality hair care and hates ditching as much plastic as we do constantly now.⁠

We started from the ground up. Our founder got a diploma in Personal Care formulation and spent the next two years iterating on the products. We strongly appreciate those who were with us during this time, supported and helped us to make the perfect formulas.⁠

Now we are on the mission to make the best naturally derived haircare that helps produce less waste too.