Pea peptide

EMortal™ Pep is a natural active ingredient made of pea peptide. It is clinically proven to significantly increase the total hair density by +5.4% on average used three times a week for 3 months.⁠

Famous in cosmetics for its high phyto-nutriments content, pea is also part of superfood sources. Thanks to this natural component, EMortal Pep stimulates hair stem cells and increases their viability, thus preventing hair loss and restoring hair vitality and density.


Botanical complex

The multifunctional botanical extracts of Tussilago Butterfara, Achillea Millefolium and Cinchona Berries, act as active ingredients in Tricorexina® Hydro that was clinically proven to make the scalp feel less oily -39% and itchy -48.4% when used twice a week during 56 days.



Thanks to these two active ingredients Nutritive elixir can:

⁃ Make your hair look denser.
⁃ Moisturise the scalp.
⁃ Make your scalp feel less oily
⁃ Improve hair feel.


Learn more Nutritive elixir — the hair growth serum formulated in Bali, available for delivery all over Indonesia.