Bar store & travel aluminium case

An aluminium storage case and a dish for our shampoo and conditioner bars. It is made from aluminium, making this jar water-resistant and extremely lightweight for travel.

Suited to:
shampoo bars, conditioner bars

Key ingredients:


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BPOM certified

Plastic-free packaging

Natural & sustainable

Frequent questions

What material is the jar made of?
It's crafted from 100% stainless aluminum.

Can it store two products?
Unfortunately, no. The jar is designed to hold just one product. We suggest avoiding stacking shampoo and conditioner, as they're best kept separate.

Is it necessary to store the products in a closed jar?
Nope, leaving it open works too!

How to take shampoo or conditioner with you on a trip?
Simply wipe off any moisture, pop it into the jar, and twist on the lid.

Does the jar rust when in contact with water?
Not at all! It's made of stainless aluminum, so rust is a non-issue.

How to use

1. Put the bar inside and lock the lid. Now you are ready to take the bar with you.
2. Take off the lid, turn flipside down the jar and put the bar on top. Now you have a perfect draining dish.


100% stainless aluminium

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